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Educational Program

In this section, you will find a list of endangered plant and animal species. By clicking on them, you will embark on a comic-style adventure to save them. This adventure is designed to teach children, with the help of you (parents, educators), how to reduce energy consumption in order to save these endangered species.

AI Educational Assistant

While you (parents, educators) are browsing through the educational comics, this AI educational assistant is ready to answer your questions and enhance your educational experience.

AI Consultant

Our AI consultant will not only provide you with tips on how to reduce your energy consumption but will also recommend a list of the best products to buy based on your specific needs.

Ecodify helps you to:

  • Reduce your energy consumption and save money.
  • Help your family’s economy and your country’s economy.
  • Produce less carbon, helping to protect the environment and save endangered species.
  • With Ecodify, every step you take is a step towards a more sustainable future.


  1. Clicking on a species will launch a comic-style adventure that teaches children about energy conservation.
  2. The goal of the adventure is to help save endangered species by reducing energy consumption.
  3. The adventure is designed to be interactive and engaging for children.
  4. Parents and educators are encouraged to participate in the adventure with their children.

AI Assistant

  1. The assistant can answer questions and provide additional information to help users learn more about the endangered species and energy conservation.
  2. The goal of the assistant is to improve the overall educational experience for users.

AI ‚ÄčConsultant

  1. The AI consultant can provide personalized recommendations for reducing energy consumption.
  2. The consultant can also recommend specific products that can help users save energy.
  3. The recommendations are based on the user’s individual needs.